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From The Heart

Top Kutch Foods Pvt. Ltd. was formed in 2010. We are involved in trading and manufacturing of a wide variety of Khakras to our esteemed clients across the Indian market.

Kutch is a very special region of India known for its cultural heritage and richness, for their embroidery classical variations. Kutchis are great food lovers. They are very enterprising by nature. The Kutchis are travelling businessmen.

Nanalal V Shah migrated to the South in the early 1900. His supari “Rashiklal” struck an immediate note with the South Indian tongue.

From the same house, the  “Khakras”, a wheat delicacy, under the brand name “KharaMorra” comes in different natural flavors. The brand “KharaMorra” aptly signifies the ready to eat essence combined with the temptation it offers to the customers.

Our range of Khakras are widely recognized and appreciated by our customers for its premium quality, taste, the health quotient and high nutritional content that it offers to them. In the past 11 years, we have expanded our markets in the India and are in the process of covering every nook and corner of the country with our exciting variety.

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